Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lights Camera Action!

So, for Felix's birthday, we got him a VTech camera - the Kidizoom Plus - and I don't think he's touched it once. Not because he wasn't interested. Oh no. Simply because I don't think he even realizes it was for him. Elliot has commandeered it. We just downloaded all of the pics and vids he's taken since it came in the mail earlier this week.

We got a lot of this, most of them just sound clips with him yodeling into the couch...

As he got used to the idea, we saw more of these (filmed in barfovision, naturally...)

Went for a walk around the block last night and came back with this shaky masterpiece (very Blair Witch):

There are some fun photo settings and games on it, too. I'm not sure how I feel yet about my almost 4 year old playing video games, but it's been helping with his frustrations - games that pissed him off 2 days ago and got the camera flung across the room are now enjoyable! He's learning to give things another try and to practice: that he won't be a pro right away. (He's got a bit of a God-complex, I think.)

Jay took these last night:

I like this one - seems I have a force field - no boys allowed!!!

And a few faves from the 160 pics snapped by Elliot...

So now we're thinking of giving Elliot his own camera for his birthday in a few weeks, too... maybe. Although I already picked up a Leapfrog Tag reader for him...

ETA: The camera broke within 90 days but due to crazy life, we neglected to get in touch with the manufacturer within that time frame. They will not repair or replace it and will only offer us 20% off of a new purchase. I don't think so. The boys are crushed and Jay and I are supremely disappointed with this camera and company. One of the knobs is busted - an internal thing where it won't stay on any function for more than a few seconds. It has also deleted the memory. Seems to be an obvious camera flaw, not due to user error or wear and tear. Bah. Not pleased at all. Can no longer recommend this camera, even though the boys had such fun with it while it was working! 

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Beths said...

Whoa. Those videos make my brain hurt. I really like some of the photos!

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