Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Eenut and Encause.

Felix has taken to yelling "Eenut!" if I ask him to do something he doesn't want to - like take a break from playing to have a diaper change before his caustic poo eats through another layer of his flesh.

Took me a bit to decipher his yelling, but it came to me one day as the boys were screaming at each other and tryign to pancake their own heads and I bellowed back "ENOUGH!"... so apparently, when Felix feels the urge to have me stop whatever my advances may be, he'll throw "Eenut" in my face. Nice.

One of Elliot's sweet little pronunciations is "Encause" instead of 'because'. Adorable! And his need to say things like "directschkin" and "constructschkin".

Like many parents, we've simply added these new words to daily usage. I've read on other blogs that these types of words can hang around for lifetimes. Fun times!

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