Sunday, May 24, 2009


So it appears that I am self-weaning off my meds. I forgot to get the prescription refilled yesterday and didn't take my pill last night. (Ok, so I didn't forget - I just didn't make the time to go.) So I decided to do a slow wean - take the pills every other day for 2-4 weeks, then every 3 days, then once a week, then stop.

Today was ok - I was emotional and weepy but it was mostly under control. Stocked up on wine to tide me over... maybe it's not the best decision, but I also decided to start a diet tomorrow. I'm tired of being asked if I'm expecting again already.

This self-weaning isn't exactly against my dr's orders - she did say that after 6 months on the meds, I could try stopping, and doing it slowly like I plan to. It's been almost 8 months since I started, so now is a good time, I guess.

Hmmm... that half a pineapple rum cooler I just finished is hitting me a bit hard. I also took my pill tonight - wonder if there's a correlation? I think I may be fighting something off, too, I've been rather woozy/dizzy all day. Fun times!

In other news, we received a hand-me-down organ tonight. No, not a kidney or liver. An actual musical instrument. It sounds like it's about to take flight - or perhaps warm up my coffee - when it starts up. Elliot loves it.

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