Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tiny babies & mama confessions

Spent the day organizing and cleaning and sorting. It felt good. Brought a new freshness to the house. Jay dismantled the playpen and put it away. We packed up some old baby toys and brought some other ones out of storage. Moved a large chest away from in front of the TV stand and moved the kid's book collection to the shelves under the TV. Makes me nervous the way it wobbles, but Jay says he'll brace it up so it's secure.

Felix had 2 very short naps. The first was in his crib. The second was in the Ergo while I went out. I tried to get him down in his crib, but he's perfected pulling himself up to standing and will hang onto the rail, smiling around his soother and looking so proud of himself, and sleep is out of the question. So, popped him in the carrier and off we went.

Stopped at Local Jo's for some much needed coffee and cookies, then headed over to an open house meet & greet for a friend's 10 day old baby boy. He was born 3 weeks early and was soooo tiny and perfect! He was 5 lbs 13 oz at birth and just fits into the crook of her arm. Has a head of dark hair, too. By comparison, Felix was a giant strapped to my chest and I joked that he could probably eat the baby. (Who slept the whole time - Felix woke up at his customary 30 minute mark.)

And yes, seeing such a new little baby made me want another one. Jay and I have pretty much decided we're done having babies, and while it makes sense on so many levels, it's sad to think/know we are done. But then again, our babies are born looking like 3 month old kidlets already - no tiny ones for us.

Just finished a really good book tonight. "It Sucked and Then I Cried" - an inside look at mothering with post partum depression. It was so refreshing to read! And funny - I laughed out loud several times. The author, Heather Armstrong, really has a way with words. Many of the situations/thoughts she described are exact things that I would have said or done. A few times I had to check to make sure I wasn't the author.

I thought up a few plot points for a mystery novel the other day. As I was walking the boys through the Public Gardens and looking at the raised-but-as-yet-unplanted flower beds, I started thinking about conspiracies and buried bodies and serial killers. Made a list in my head of city officials to contact for research purposes. Disproved a few plot points.

I love how the ideas are starting to swirl again.

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