Monday, May 25, 2009

Day in the park

We went to see a specialist about Felix's hemangioma today. Feel much better since the doctor confirmed we've been handling the bleeds correctly: applying pressure, putting cream on to moisturize the skin/loosen any scabs. He likened the hemangioma to a honeycomb. It's full of blood vessels, but there are also blood pockets - when he scrapes it, the pocket that's been hit will well up alarmingly, but should stop bleeding quickly. There's no pulse to the spot, which means it doesn't have a steady supply of blood being pumped through it, so that means he shouldn't bleed out in the night.

After the appointment, we went for a walk in the public gardens. Felix was in a good mood, so I got a coffee and we stopped at a bench while I read my book and fed him little bits of cracker. Then I changed his diaper on a bench, letting the sunshine and warm breeze hit his skin for a bit while he looked at the big purple flowering shrub behind us.

Got some groceries on the way home, had a nap, did a few dishes and made supper. Then went to pick up Elliot from daycare. A nice, full day.

Tomorrow has us going back to the clinic at the hospital to see a different specialist about Felix's persistently infected ingrown toenails. Which are currently healed and the nails are falling off. I hope this means we've reached the end of the infections and pain for him. Hopefully that's what the surgeon will tell us, too. I feel silly for going, but I know if I don't, the infection will come back twice as bad next week!

Will have both boys with me tomorrow. That could be a gong show! Planning to take the double jogging stroller I bought before I was pregnant with Felix. It's been in storage for a loooong time. We dig it out a few days ago and had to replace one of the tubes in the tire - there was a shard of metal that punctured the new tube over and over. It's all good now, and I can't wait to get them both out in it!

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