Sunday, March 27, 2011

White bucket

You know what is really rough? Only having one bathroom when everyone has a tummy bug. Oh, it's been a fun 12 hours so far. I'm trying to disinfect the house as we go and keep on top of the disgusting laundry. It's a nice day here today so the windows upstairs are open and some (non-soiled) blankets are airing out on the clothesline.

See this? This is me. Waving that white bucket, er, flag.

We're all curled up on the couch having a movie day. That makes the boys happy in between bathroom trips.

Oh, and we're not allowed to laugh at Bailey. Before the fun started last night, hubby finally managed to pin her down long enough to shave off most of her natted-matted fins. She's 11 and overweight and has crappy personal hygiene.

1 comment:

Alicia said...

Ew. This is about my most unfavorite thing in the world, stomach illness. I'm sorry. I didn't notice in the kitty photo that she (?) was missing spots until I read it. She's (?) gorgeous!

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