Sunday, January 10, 2010


Yesterday Elliot helped load the dishwasher. He was in charge of the cutlery. And he passed me all the bowls and mugs, one by one. Then he dragged a chair over and put all the pots & pans into the sink of sudsy water. Then he rinsed them as I washed them, using the sprayer ( A HUGE hit!) and put them in the basket to dry. Then we refilled the sink and he put all the sippy cups and kids' bowls into the water. SPLASH! Then he grabbed a bowl from under the cupboard while we put the pots and pans away and ran off to fill it with his little animals. And then he requested his own container of soapy water and a cloth so he could give the animals all a bath. And he amused himself on the floor doing just that while I finished the dishes and started prepping for supper.

Today, he's tearing apart the sofa and making a fort while simultaneously watching TV and pitching unwanted cushions at Felix's screaming head.

Ahhhhh, home life! I'm currently enjoying some down time and sipping the last dregs of coffee and wondering what to make everyone for breakfast.

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