Friday, January 1, 2010

Decade the Next

(Format brazenly stolen from bethsix - thanks!)

December 31st, 1999

-Dinner with friends at the now long-gone fancy La Cave restaurant in a tiny little red dress (which I still own) and strappy red patent heels (also long gone.)
-Party with more friends late into the night on Kent Street, across the hall from where my now husband lived. Yes, he was at the party. And no, we weren't together.

This Decade

-Dated and married Jay
-Bought a house
-Created and birthed 2 wonderful boys
-Went from selling shoes to telemarketing to bookkeeping and office management
-Changed careers again and became a tax associate for H&R Block
-Jay also made a career change: from graphic design to stop motion animation to computer animation

Decade the Next

-Move outside of the city, to a larger home in a wooded area
-Buy a car!
-Raise our boys to ages 11 & 13 - oh lord!
-Lose 30 lbs, get back into working out, and start liking who I see in the mirror again.
-Take a honeymoon or 2, finally.
-Write a novel.


Alicia @ bethsix said...


Good goals. Isn't it crazy to think of your kids ten years older?! Even though older kids are great for facilitating things like honeymoons...

I'm impressed you still own a little red dress. Any little dresses of mine are long gone. Sigh.

Rainyday said...

Well, I may still own* the little red dress, but there's no way it would fit me. Think 'sausage'. Eep! It's currently in a box with the old halloween costumes! :P

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