Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Parenting ups and downs

Our boys are very good about wearing their hats whenever we're outside. They are also very polite - please and thank you without prompting, most of the time. They both give wonderful hugs.

I suck at remembering to wash their hands before meals and rarely brush their teeth before we leave in the mornings. I also have terrible patience and need anger management help STAT!

Fresh lemonade tea party, complete with hummus and crackers

What are a couple of your parenting ups and downs?

Leave me a comment or link to your blog with your ups and downs and I'll randomly pick someone and mail out cookies. Or at least my favourite dessert recipe.

CONGRATS Bethsix at "winning" my first giveaway!!! Since you live so far away, I'm thinking cookies wouldn't make it through the mail in good shape. But I'm game to try if you are! Otherwise, I'll send you one of my fave recipes for you to bake at home. Lemme know what works for you... email rainydayboys at gmail dot com with your addy or email addy and I'll get on that!


Bethsix said...

I'm trying to think of uniform ups and downs across all my kids, but they're different enough that I can't think of anything consistent. They've all been pretty good sleepers, except Anneke. They all love books (but who doesn't?). They've all been pretty good about car rides, not fussing too much about getting in their seats or whining when we have to go a long way. And ups for me... I'm pretty good at explaining adult things to them and breaking things down in ways they can understand.

Downs... I'm WAY inconsistent, and too dramatic or extreme a lot of the time. I try to have patience, but I have a HORRIBLE short fuse and usually end up yelling. I also have some sensory issues with noise... can't stand repetitive noises or a lot of loud noise... not a great thing with four small children. Ugh.

grimeysgal said...

I think teeth brushing is the bane of my existence. G hates it but I'm one of those people who absolutely needs to brush her own teeth at least 2-3 times a day... and yet I let her have her own way more often than I should aka let her brush her own teeth knowing she doesn't do a very good job since she's not actually brushing - just sucking all the water and toothpaste off!

The Ups are definitely the smiles I get every day, the hugs and the unconditional love she gives me. She really is the light of my life and her sunny disposition really makes being her mom so worthwhile. (not that it wouldn't be worthwhile if she wasn't... lol)

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