Friday, October 2, 2009


We were gifted several tomato plants over the summer. Elliot and I transplanted them into pots on the back deck, and there the poor things remained. Through the blistering heat wave in July, a hurricane and a tropical storm in August and a near frost in September. Elliot loved to water them, which was good, since I nearly always forgot. We had about 7 plants in 4 pots. They were a random mix - some cherry, some plum, some full size -and none were identified with the type of plant. Such a mystery! Only 1 flowered and produced fruit, which we were been keeping a haphazard eye on.

There was a second risk of frost last week, so we decided to harvest the few green tomatoes the plant had produced. They were small and hard. Elliot wanted to eat them right away, but was eventually convinced that they needed to ripen and turn red first. We brought them in the house and they've been sitting in a bowl on the counter, forgotten behind the dishes and bread crumbs.

This morning, this is what we found:

Elliot has claimed the tiny one in the centre and is anxiously awaiting it to ripen.

What fun! Elliot is very excited about this cycle. I love that I can share it with him. It's too bad that the sunflowers and pumpkins we planted from seeds didn't grow. Ah well, maybe next year!

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