Friday, November 20, 2009

Time's a wasting!

Not feeling much like writing today, but feel the urge to be creative. Felix is napping, Elliot is at daycare and I can't decide if I want to nap, read, or watch last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy. Time is running out for me to decide - he'll probably be awake within the hour.

What I really should do is get off my butt and do some yoga or stretches or go outside and rake up the thick rug of leaves that's currently covering the lawn and part of the driveway. Our usual excuse for not raking is that we want to keep the grass (except it's mostly moss) on our front lawn and any plants in the flower bed insulated from the harsh winter. But we generally do a preliminary rake up, before all the leaves have fallen. But now they're all down and the kids are having a blast tromping through them - I think that's the new excuse. It's fun for the children. We're thinking of the children. When I came home from class yesterday, the sitter had the boys playing out front in the uncharacteristically warm for November sunshine. They were laughing and squealing and running around and tossing leaves back and forth. I just sat and watched them. So much fun!

Ok. Time to make a decision...... Grey's Anatomy it is. But I promise to do some stretches while watching it. Yes indeed! Gotta get moving before this little guy wakes up, ready to join me in the tax office.

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