Wednesday, July 22, 2009


To hear my hubby talk about it, the days his mom would don her red kerchief were horrid. They'd come home from school or wherever, to find all the windows flung open and the house freezing, their kerchief-clad mother cleaning everything. They would slink in, sure they would be roped into something, or at least get in trouble for making messes like boys do.

Well, there weren't any kerchiefs in site, but my mother in law came over today with my younger cousin in tow and together we cleaned like mad. Dishes - check (lord, how long has it been since I've seen my counter tops??) Top of fridge dusted - check. Cupboards, rearranged and organized - check. Stove vents, soaked and sparkling - check (gotta cross that fire hazard off the list for sure!). Cat litter - check! Windows - check! And so many other nooks and crevices are clean! I'm very excited, if you couldn't tell.

In cleaning, I discovered where Jay has been hiding my chocolate and candies. (Hidden for my own safety, at my request.) Oops, trove uncovered! My, but those were some tasty easter eggs. I shared.

My cousin was phenomenal with the boys (and the windows!). She wants to come back to play some more. Wooooweee, I like this development!

Man, am I tired. Looooong day. But so worth it.

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